Automotive Engineering Specialist

Reverse  Engineering   ,Flash  Tool Design  and Development   , info on request 

Calibration   Reverse Engineering  
Calibrations can be altered to suit  race cars  or unique builds  to allow the removal of ABS  , Immobilizer , dashclocks and certain ESP system 
OEM  and  After Market Engine Management Tuning 
We at TDR Performance  offer high performance tuning solutions for Cars,Truck and Tractors, as well as chip replacements using the latest hardware and software solutions available.

We also work with Autronic , Gems , Motec ,Hydra Nemesis, Simtek , Apexi Power FC . Hondata , Neptune  ALCATEK, ESL  and Omex   to name a few .

• Increase Power by up to 40%
• Decrease Fuel consumption by up to 15%

We specialise in   Petrol  and Diesel tuning . This included  engine conversions  , old car modern engine setup .Our engineers are able to get around immobilliser  and network issues  that prevent original management systems operating .

We  also offer troubleshooting  services to main dealer garages that are having issues with vehicles .

Our Workshop caters for general servicing and  vehicle upgrades which includes everything from engine rebuilds to suspension upgrades 

  • Vehicles are tuned  and  tested using  a  2WD dyno Dynamics or  4WD  Dynapack  . We dont do "carpark" tuning 

  •  Custom  BMW MSS52 /54  EWS delete  , custom standalone  for S54 and S62      
  •  EDC17  immo delete on  VAG group vehicles   
  •  Mercedes Adblue  Remove via  Diagnostics , no boxes 
  • DSG gearbox tuning  .  TFSI TDI  on all six speed units  2005-2012 

  •  Immobilliser defeat for  med9   TFSI  engine management system  . Fantastic engine to use in your golf mk1 or 2 

  • DPF issues ???  We are able to get around most systems  , including the new common rail   VAG  edc17 . We are the first  to remove the DPF filter from the new T5  20cr twin turbo and the 1.6 TDI 

  • If you have had unsuccessfull  tuning or DPF  removal by  an other  company and are still having issues , feel free to contact us 


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Our Workshop and address

We have a fully equipped workshop and show room to cater for all your tuning and servicing needs. Telephone: +353 (0)1 443 3843
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